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The one week deadline that the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) handed the military coupists has elapsed.

Last week, the regional body gave the junta seven days to reinstate ousted President Mohamed Bazoum and restore democratic order.

While Gen Abdourahmane Tchiani-led junta has remained defiant, ECOWAS spearheaded by Nigeria also remains silent as to what should be its next line of action.


Stakeholders have cautioned President Bola Tinubu to tread softly in the use of force against Nigeria’s neighboring Niger.

In his efforts as the Chairman of the ECOWAS Authority of Heads of State and Government, Tinubu sent a high-powered delegation to broker peace with Tchiani, this week, but it was deadlock.

Also, the Senate did not approve the letter the President wrote, to seek its consent in mobilising and deploying Nigerian soldiers to Niger.

However, the position of the West is clear on Niger crisis, as the United States, France, and Germany, all backed Tinubu-chaired West African regional bloc to use force.

These European countries have not only evacuated their nationals in Niger, they also partially or completely suspended financial to the country.

As the world awaits what will be the next move of ECOWAS, the United States currently has some 1,000 soldiers stationed in the country, Germany has a continent of roughly 100 troops on the ground, according to some European media.

The situation in Niger reflects that of Mali, which also saw foreign soldiers ordered out of the country after a military coup in 2021.

Neighbouring Mali and Burkina Faso — which saw a military coup in 2022 — have both pledged their support to Niger’s should ECOWAS make good on its threat of military intervention.

Meanwhile, Nigeria has the clout to fight Niger economically, as it has closed border and cut power supply, and more sanctions could be taken as days go by with all efforts to return the country to democracy.

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