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Former national auditor of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Ray Nnaji has scored the administration of Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State zero for its performance in its first 100 days.

Nnaji, an Enugu-based legal practitioner, said that the governor did not do anything tangible in his first 100 days in office. He regretted that such a performance was not what the people of the state who voted him into office bargained for.


He said, “I know what I did to ensure that power shifts to Nkanu East and I know what I did for my brother Peter Mbah to emerge as a governor but I must tell you if I must be frank, I am disappointed. What we saw in the past 100 days of his administration is not what we expected. What we are seeing is not what is expected of him.

“As a brother and friend, if he doesn’t want closed-door advice, we can always say it in public. Whether he likes it or not, with time he will appreciate what we are doing. I am not scrutinising his administration because I hate him, no, he knows quite well that we are friends. I am not doing it because I need any favour from him.

“He has nothing to show for his first 100 days in office and first impression matters in everything. Once the people have formed their opinion about any administration, there is hardly anything you can do later that the people will appreciate.

“The SSG (Secretary to the State Government) who has arrogated power to himself even when he has nothing to offer is seriously misleading the administration. While they are visible in the media every day, there is little to nothing on the ground to show that there is a government in Enugu State.

“I must tell you that he has to buckle down and meet the expectations of the people because so far I am not satisfied. I cannot tell you he has performed to the expectation of the people who gave him the votes that got him into office. He knows what he faces, though we have a lot of hopes and a lot of expectations.

“Now it remains less than 80 days from the 180 days he promised Enugu people to flood everywhere with water. We have yet to see a glimpse of water even though we are in the rainy season.”

Speaking on the issue of sit-at-home, the PDP chieftain described it as a misplaced priority, adding that the “thoughtless action of the governor unfortunately claimed the lives of some traders”.

He said, “The issue of sit-at-home, he did not handle it well. I told him that the issue of sit-at-home is not something you will use an executive fiat to resolve.

“Instead, you will allow it to die naturally. It had started dying before he rekindled it with pronouncements that have worsened the situation and turned Enugu into a place where insecurity is the order of the day.

“Now, many kidnapping and armed robbery incidents are happening in so many places where they were not prevalent before he came into power.

“Now he has flooded the metropolis with military vans and the rest of them. It’s not as if it is not good but if you are policing the metropolis, what happened to the rural areas? Are they not part of the place you are governing? So that is the situation; it is very unfortunate. It is not what we bargained for that we are seeing.”

He added, “He is still my brother and friend but I must have to tell him the truth. We need to see something happening. We need to see action because it seems that he has not been able to gather himself to take off. Enugu wants a big change from the past but I don’t think I have seen the change so far.

“We want to see water running from our taps. We have a situation where people pay tanker drivers to supply them with water. So, I don’t know any area where he has done anything in his first 100 days in office. We are yet to see any positive development.” (Sahara Reporters)

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