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Denmark has opened visa applications for skilled and unskilled foreign workers including teachers, welders, mechanics, and others.

The Scandinavian country is currently dealing with a labour shortage in different sectors, with the authorities saying that the country needs foreign workers to fill job positions.

According to Schengen Visa Info, the scheme was designed to help Denmark address the ongoing labour shortage, in a statement by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) on Wednesday.

“According to SIRI, the new Positive List includes a total of 110 job openings, of which 72 are part of the Positive List for People with a Higher Education, and 38 are part of the Positive List For Skilled Work,” the report said.

The visa applications have been effective from January 1, 2024, as updated by SIRI for the Positive Lists for both graduates and skilled workers.


The new Positive List for People with a Higher Education includes 72 job titles, while the Positive List for Skilled Work includes 38.

It said notable additions to the Higher Education Positive List include military officers, heads of logistics management, heads of products management, biologists, mechanical engineers, environmental engineers, quality engineers, business intelligence managers, specialist consultants, marketing professionals, information technology programmers and system developers, web developers, system administrators, legal counsel, and communication consultants.

Also, notable additions to the Skilled Work Positive List include plumbers, technical designers, sales consultants, human resources assistants, bricklayers, welders, bodywork metal workers, shipbuilders, service technicians with iron and metal, and industrial mechanics.

It added that, “Notable removals from this list include blacksmiths, automatic technical technicians, electronics technicians, and telecommunications technicians.”

Google search engine
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