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In a heartfelt address to constituents gathered at his country home in Amurri, Nkanu West LGA, Senator Sir Kelvin Chukwu representing Enugu East Senatorial zone implored his constituents to embrace the profound virtues of sacrifice and love, drawing inspiration from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

As Christians worldwide observe the solemn occasion of Christ’s death and resurrection, Senator Chukwu emphasized the transformative power of these principles in fostering unity and progress within Nigerian society.

Speaking passionately to the assembled crowd, the distinguished Labour Party parliamentarian underscored the pivotal role that sacrificial love plays in shaping communities and nations.

He highlighted the need for Nigerians to prioritize compassion, empathy, and selflessness in their interactions, echoing the timeless message of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for humanity’s redemption.

“During this Easter season, let us reflect deeply on the essence of sacrifice and love exemplified by Jesus Christ,” Senator Chukwu urged.


“As we commemorate his triumphant victory over death, may we draw strength from his teachings to cultivate a spirit of goodwill and solidarity towards one another.

With conviction, Senator Chukwu expressed his unwavering belief in the potential for positive change when individuals commit to acts of kindness and service to others. He emphasized that by embracing the principles of sacrifice and love, Nigerians can transcend societal divides and work collectively towards a brighter future for all.

Senator Chukwu reiterated his commitment to advocating for policies and initiatives that promote social justice, equity, and inclusivity.

He pledged to continue representing the interests of his constituents diligently, with a steadfast dedication to advancing their common good.

Chukwu called on his constituents to embody the spirit of Easter not only in words but also in deeds, by extending a hand of support to those in need and fostering harmonious relationships within their communities expressing optimism that through unity and unwavering love, Nigeria would overcome its challenges and emerge stronger as a nation.

Attendees departed with a renewed sense of purpose and a shared commitment to embracing sacrifice and love as guiding principles in their lives, inspired by the timeless Easter message.


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