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Following the political shift in Enugu State after the 2023 general election, new senators were elected to represent the three senatorial zones.

Notably, the Labour Party secured two senatorial seats, while the PDP claimed one.


As the first-time senators clock their ten-month in office, it’s imperative to evaluate their performance across various criteria:

1. Legislative Initiatives: Assess the number and significance of bills sponsored or co-sponsored by each senator.
2. Parliamentary Engagement: Evaluate the motions introduced by the senators and their participation in committee activities.
3. Accessibility: Consider the accessibility of each senator to their constituents, including responsiveness to inquiries and concerns.
4. Constituency Relations: Examine the senators’ relationship with their constituents and their efforts in addressing local needs and concerns.
5. Projects and Development: Review the projects attracted or facilitated by each senator for the development of their respective constituencies.
6. Interventions and Programs: Evaluate the implementation of interventions or programs initiated by the senators to address specific issues within their constituencies.

The senators to be assessed are:

1. Senator Kelvin Chukwu – Enugu East (Labour Party)
2. Senator Okey Ezea – Enugu North (Labour Party)
3. Senator Osita Ngwu – Enugu West (PDP)

This assessment aims to promote transparency and accountability, encouraging constituents to critically evaluate their representatives’ performance and engage in constructive dialogue to drive positive change.

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