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The Edo State chapter of the Conference of Registered Political Parties (CRPP) has voiced its vehement disapproval of the recent impeachment of former Deputy Governor Comrade Philip Shaibu by the State House of Assembly.

Dr. Samson Isibor, the Chairman of the Edo CRPP, expressed profound disappointment over Shaibu’s removal, asserting that it did not align with the aspirations of the people of Edo State.


Isibor specifically criticized Chief Judge Justice Daniel Okungbowa for presiding over the panel that investigated the allegations against Shaibu, suggesting that the process was rushed and unfairly biased against the former deputy governor.

“This goes against the wishes of the people of Edo State. The impeachment of the deputy governor is illegitimate and should not be upheld,” Isibor emphasized.

He highlighted the rapid pace of the impeachment proceedings, spanning only three days, as indicative of preconceived bias. Isibor described the process as a mockery and raised doubts about its integrity.

Responding to inquiries regarding Shaibu’s absence before the panel, Isibor stated, “His appearance would have implied acceptance of their actions.

The court had directed all involved parties to present their arguments regarding Shaibu’s attempt to halt his impeachment.”

The Edo CRPP contended that Shaibu’s removal was unwarranted, branding it as politically motivated vendetta. “We strongly condemn the purported impeachment of Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu; it reeks of political vendetta.

It was a premeditated scheme by Obaseki to ensure Shaibu’s removal at any cost,” Dr. Isibor added.

According to the Edo CRPP, Shaibu did not engage in any impeachable offense. “We hold the Chief Judge of Edo State accountable for allowing himself to be manipulated by Obaseki to disregard a high court summons.”

“We also criticize the outgoing Governor Obaseki and the Edo State House of Assembly for intimidating and expelling a court bailiff.”

“We commend Comrade Shaibu for abstaining from the illegitimate panel. By doing so, he would not have legitimized the unlawfully constituted panel in defiance of the court’s order,” the CRPP affirmed.

The organization urged Shaibu to pursue his legal case, asserting his right to reclaim the mandate bestowed upon him by the people of Edo State, which was unjustly curtailed by Obaseki.

“The CRPP stands firmly behind him, offering unwavering support throughout the ordeal,” the organization reaffirmed.

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