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Renowned Human Rights lawyer, Femi Falana (SAN), has vowed to take legal action against the Federal Government regarding the recent spike in electricity tariffs for Band A customers in Nigeria.

Speaking on Channels TV’s Sunday Politics program, Falana criticized the government, particularly Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, for what he deemed an unlawful increase in electricity tariffs.


Falana argued that the Federal Government’s decision to hike electricity tariffs was conducted outside the bounds of the law. He asserted that electricity subsidy had been abolished since 2022, and accused the government of attempting to alleviate the financial burdens of cash-strapped Discos by burdening Nigerian consumers.

Highlighting his legal analysis, Falana pointed out discrepancies in the Electricity Act of 2023, emphasizing that the Minister of Power lacks jurisdiction to unilaterally approve tariff hikes. According to him, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission is the sole authority empowered to make such decisions.

He emphasized the legal requirement for public notice and stakeholder engagement before implementing tariff adjustments.

Falana stressed that the current increase lacked proper consultation and violated the provisions of the Electricity Act.

Expressing concern over the potential adverse effects on the masses, Falana urged the government to reconsider its stance and revert to the previous tariff structure to prevent further impoverishment of Nigerians.

Warning of impending legal action, Falana asserted that if the government fails to address the issue, he will pursue litigation to challenge the legality of the tariff hike.

Falana emphasized the need for accountability and adherence to legal procedures in policymaking, particularly concerning matters affecting the welfare of citizens.

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