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In a startling disclosure, Barrister Bright Emeka Ngene, the Labour Party House of Assembly candidate for the Enugu South Urban Constituency in the 2023 general election, has raised concerns over what he perceived as a coordinated efforts to ensure he is put out of circulation in case of any rerun election.


In an exclusive interview with Daily Gazette on Wednesday, Barr. Ngene unveiled a clandestine plot aimed at truncating his certain electoral victory through covert tactics, including potential arrest, court proceedings, blackmail, and unjust detention, with the ultimate goal of orchestrating another rerun election in his absence.

This purported scheme, he alleges, exploits the lapse in INEC’s 90-day period for conducting bye-elections.


Barr. Ngene’s resounding victory in the 2023 election saw him clinch 118 out of 126 polling booths, securing an impressive tally of over 3,765 votes.

However, there were doubts regarding the integrity of the electoral process, particularly concerning eight polling booths in Ward 5.

It was alleged that rogue elements preemptively tampered with result sheets, leading to the cancellation of the initially scheduled rerun on February 3rd.

Subsequent attempts on February 14th to conduct the rerun were reportedly disrupted by similar incidents.

In light of these developments, Barr. Ngene has issued a heartfelt plea to the residents of Enugu South, human rights activists, and the Nigerian Bar Association for urgent intervention.

He underscored the critical importance of upholding fundamental principles of inclusive governance, conscience, fairness, and justice in the face of alleged electoral manipulation.

As the situation unfolds in Enugu South Urban, all eyes are on the authorities to ensure transparency, accountability, and the preservation of the electorate’s will.

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