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In a display of resistance, women from Eha-Amufu in Isiuzo council area of Enugu state on Thursday took to the streets to protest the proposed establishment of a Produce City in their community, calling on the Enugu State Government to prioritize the resettlement of displaced persons instead.

Footage from the protest

Voicing their grievances, the protesting women, many of whom are widows who have tragically lost their husbands to herdsmen attacks, expressed deep concern over the government’s plans to implement the Produce City project in Eha-Amufu against the wishes of the people.

Emphasizing the urgent need for compassion, empathy, and humanitarian assistance, the women argued that what Eha-Amufu truly requires is support to help rebuild and resettle those who have been displaced by violence.

Eha-Amufu women

Questioning the rationale behind targeting Eha-Amufu for the Produce City initiative, the women highlighted the availability of sixteen other local government areas where the government could feasibly pilot such programs.

During the protests, the women raised inquiries regarding whose interests the Produce City project ultimately serves, expressing skepticism about the purported benefits it may bring to their community.

Cross section of Eha-Amufu women during the protest

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