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Barr. Onuora Odo, 

A chieftain of the Labour Party in Enugu State, Barrister Onuora Odo, has raised concerns about the urgent need to overhaul the neighborhood watch security outfits across the state.


Known for his fervent advocacy for human rights, Barrister Onuora Odo, who is also the Chairmanship Candidate of the Labour Party in Igbo-Eze North, spoke against the recent tragic incidents of violence perpetrated by officers and personnel of the Neighbourhood Watch security outfit.

Addressing journalists in Enugu, Odo expressed dismay over the operational methods employed by the security outfit.


He lamented that an organization tasked with safeguarding lives and property had deviated from its core mandate, becoming perpetrators of violence against the very people they are meant to protect.

Odo stressed that the original purpose behind the establishment of the outfit had been undermined.

Outlining potential solutions, the lawyer highlighted various shortcomings within the organization and urged the government to take decisive action.

He emphasized that a significant portion of Neighbourhood Watch officers lacked proper training, with many resorting to substance abuse, which heightened the risk of indiscriminate use of force.

He noted that insufficient funding led to officers overstepping their jurisdictional boundaries and engaging in activities beyond their competence, such as mediating in civil disputes.

Odo underscored the importance of scrutinizing the recruitment process to prevent the enlistment of individuals with criminal backgrounds or substance abuse issues.

He called for an immediate overhaul of the outfit to enhance its operational effectiveness and appealed to the government to establish a Security Advisory Committee tasked with providing guidance, training, and retraining for the Neighbourhood Watch personnel.

Address the escalating insecurity attributed to Fulani herders, Odo pointed out the devastating impact on local communities.

He condemned the relentless violence and destruction perpetrated by these herders, which instilled fear among farmers and disrupted agricultural activities, leading to food shortages.

Expressing frustration with the government’s response, Odo criticized what he perceived as a lack of decisive action against the perpetrators.

He raised concerns regarding alleged political alliances compromising efforts to address the crisis effectively.

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