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Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, didn’t mince words as he rebuked members of the Rivers State House of Assembly, asserting his authority by suggesting they owe their existence to his recognition, based on the Peace Accord initiated by President Bola Tinubu.

Addressing a delegation of political and traditional leaders from Bayelsa State seeking to end the political crisis in Rivers State, Fubara expressed disappointment in the conduct of the lawmakers.


He emphasized his role as a peacemaker despite facing intimidation and attacks.

In a bold statement, Fubara declared, “Those who claim to be Assembly members are nonexistent without my acknowledgment. I allowed their existence as a gesture of goodwill.”

He underscored the sacrifices he’s made for peace, asserting his power to de-recognize them at will.

Despite his efforts to resolve the crisis, Fubara lamented facing new challenges after each meeting.

He pledged to maintain peace, acknowledging the transient nature of power.

Acknowledging the divine nature of his leadership, Fubara refused to be swayed by political alliances, asserting his independence from his predecessor, Nyesom Wike.

He criticized the use of police to intimidate his supporters and lamented sabotage from some of his commissioners.

Responding, the leader of the Bayelsa delegation, Dickson, emphasized the historic and cultural ties between Rivers and Bayelsa, calling for unity and mutual benefit.

He commended Fubara’s efforts and urged collective responsibility from both leaders to resolve the political tensions.

Dickson urged support for Fubara and Wike, likening Rivers State’s importance to the South-South to that of Lagos State in the South-West.

He advocated seeking counsel from other leaders for a permanent solution to the crisis, emphasizing the need for unity and cooperation between the leaders of both states.

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