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The New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) has accused the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of meddling and taking sides in the party’s internal leadership conflict.

The NNPP claims that INEC staff attended a convention organized by a splinter group despite being served with court notices challenging the legality of the gathering.


In a statement released on Sunday and signed by the National Secretary, Comrade Oginni Olaposi Sunday, the NNPP demanded that INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmud Yakubu, investigate the involvement of its staff in the convention and take appropriate disciplinary action.

The party emphasized the need for INEC to remain impartial in accordance with the law, stressing that political parties have the autonomy to manage their internal affairs.


The NNPP highlighted that both the Federal High Courts in Awka, Anambra State, and Abuja had ruled that the party’s leadership crisis should be resolved internally by its members.

They expressed disappointment that expelled members, including Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso, have misrepresented court rulings to the public.

The statement outlined the NNPP’s constitutional mandate for resolving internal disputes, urging INEC to support alternative dispute resolution methods rather than attending events organized by splinter groups.

While acknowledging that the INEC chairman may not always be fully briefed on internal matters, the NNPP urged him to enhance his supervisory role to ensure the commission’s proper management.

The party appealed to Yakubu to address letters from the NNPP’s Board of Trustees, requesting preservation of the party’s integrity while legal proceedings are ongoing.

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