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Agbani the headquarters of Nkanu West Local Government Area, Enugu state which was once described as a garden city with its quality of cleanliness and well arranged plots of buildings, has now turned into a ‘garbage city’, thereby posing health threat to residents.

For months now, Daily Gazette observed that disposed refuses littered the entrance to the Council of Legal Education, Nigerian Law School Agbani, without efforts by the local government to evacuate them inorder to ensure a more hygienic environment for residents of the area.

The pictures attached to this publication shows that the refuse dump poses serious health outbreak.

One may ask why the Nkanu West Local Council Chairman, Uche Ejim, do not give attention to the health of the residents in the local government.
The state and local governments’ sanitation authority have a lot of work to do in this regard.

Agbani becoming the headquarters of dirt and the inherent health impact can only be attributed to the inability of the government in power to perform.

We should not have a city littered with refuse everywhere: on road corners, bus stops, markets etc.
If this is not addressed very quickly by the authority concerned, it could result in a health pandemic.

For months now, the entrance to the great citadel of learning, Nigeria Law School Agbani has been a mess with all manner of garbages. It is pathetic, despicable and shameful that Agbani will degenerate to this level of environmental decay.

If you go through the streets of Agbani, you will see the huge dump everywhere and as the day breaks, you have a multiply effect of the huge dump.

In the near future, the implication is that Agbani may have pandemic of cholera in the state if care is not taken.

The people are watching !

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