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The management of the Lagos Island General Hospital, Odan, has been called out for alleged negligence and a possible case of embezzlement following the death of a medical doctor who fell to her death on the premises, Monday.

According to Twitter user, Big Amara, the deceased, Dr. Vwaere Diaso, a Babcock University graduate who had two weeks left to complete her housemanship, fell to her death after the elevator she was in was said to have dropped from the 10th floor of the building.

Amara tweeted: “A doctor who had just 2 weeks to complete her housemanship just died in a general hospital(Odan, Lagos island) due to poor management and negligence!!! The elevator she was in, fell from the 10th floor to the ground! The video was so painful to watch.”

More people have since begun to share their experiences about the building, noting how for so long, workers had complained about the same elevator all to no avail as all the pleas fell on deaf ears and additional threats of licence suspension.

An anonymous person who sent a video from the tragic incident to Big Amara wrote: “This is the video. The elevator hasn’t been working well for the past year. Whoever was in charge ate the money and the management has been patching it up despite complaints from resident doctors.

“They are still even owing salaries of doctors that worked last year Dec but we have no one to fight for us. If you talk they threaten you with License suspension.”

One Olanrewaju Aiyepola tweeted: Particularly aggrieved because we’ve complained for a long time about this elevator. We’ve maneuvered, managed, and prayed each time we had to use it. Empty promises will be made to fix it….till it killed one of us.

“Everyone responsible either directly or indirectly must be held accountable.”

Kiky Festus who visited a friend there also tweeted: I’m so angry cause they have been complaining about this elevator for years. Even when I go visit my friend more than 2 people can’t go in it and if it stops at the 6th floor you have to use your hands to close it yourself and step back behind a line to even out your weight.

“All she wanted to do was get her food from a dispatcher downstairs It even took them an hour to get her out of the elevator She was still conscious even with fractures, she was taken to emergency and then another delay, no blood. This country failed her.”

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