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Enugu State has been facing a surge in vandalism targeting public utilities, posing significant challenges to essential services and infrastructure across the state.

Incidents of vandalism have been reported in various areas, including damage to electrical transformers, water pipelines, and telecommunication infrastructure.


The vandalism of public utilities not only disrupts essential services but also imposes financial burdens on the state government and local communities.

Repairing and replacing damaged infrastructure incur significant costs, diverting resources that could otherwise be allocated to development projects and improving public services.

Authorities in Enugu State must take decisive actions to combat this escalating menace.

There must be efforts to apprehend and prosecute perpetrators, with law enforcement agencies intensifying surveillance and patrols in vulnerable areas such as Holy Ghost/Old Park axis, Garriki, Abakpa, Mayor, New market among other areas.

Community engagement and awareness campaigns are also needed to educate residents about the consequences of vandalism and the importance of safeguarding public utilities.

Stakeholders on their part should explore innovative strategies such as the use of technology and community policing initiatives to enhance security and deter criminal activities.

There must be collaborative action between government agencies, law enforcement, communities, and relevant stakeholders to address this challenge effectively.

These will ensure the well-being and prosperity of Enugu residents.

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