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A video circulating on social media has sparked debate and controversy over Pastor Paul Enenche’s treatment of a church member during a testimony session at Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Abuja.

In the video obtained by Daily Gazette, Pastor Enenche questions the credibility of a woman, Anyim Vera, who claimed to have graduated with a “ in Law” from the National Open University of Nigeria.


Pastor Enenche interrupted Vera’s testimony, accusing her of lying and stating that there is no such degree as “Bsc in Law.”

He also suggested that she did not sound like a law graduate based on her speech and demanded that she leave the pulpit.

Following the incident, netizens discovered evidence confirming Vera’s graduation from NOUN with an LLB in Law, as listed in the convocation ceremony on April 13.

This revelation has led to mixed reactions on social media, with some calling for Pastor Enenche to apologize for publicly embarrassing the church member, while others defend his actions.

Critics argue that Pastor Enenche’s approach was harsh and overly condescending, especially considering the woman’s lack of eloquence in English.

They believe that there could have been a more constructive way to address the situation, even if the woman had made a mistake in her testimony.

However, some supporters of Pastor Enenche argue that the woman’s failure to articulate her degree accurately brought the situation upon herself.

They suggest that she could have written down her testimony if she had stage fright or difficulty expressing herself verbally.

The incident has sparked discussions about the importance of sensitivity and empathy in church leadership, as well as the need for understanding and support for individuals who may struggle with communication or language barriers.

As the debate continues, many await Pastor Enenche’s response to the growing calls for an apology.

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