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Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections, has expressed deep concern over the failure of both the executive and judiciary branches in upholding the rule of law in Nigeria.


Speaking at the 5th memorial lecture of Justice Anthony Nnaemeze Aniagolu at Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu, on Tuesday, Obi urged conscientious Nigerians to join forces to dismantle rascality and ensure the rule of law, which he believes is crucial for the country’s future.

Obi emphasized that Nigeria can only thrive if the rule of law is respected.


He highlighted that the rule of law is essential for development as it empowers individuals and communities, ensures access to justice, and provides remedies for rights violations.

“The rule of law fosters development by strengthening the voices of individuals and communities, providing access to justice, ensuring due process, and establishing remedies for rights violations,” Obi stated.

He pointed out that businesses struggle to survive in Nigeria due to insecurity and a lack of respect for the rule of law.

“We cannot talk about development when both international and local investors lack an enabling environment for business.”

Obi stressed the necessity of a fair, strong, and independent judiciary for the rule of law to prevail.

He lamented that Nigeria’s current state is a result of the disregard for the rule of law, which discourages business and investment.

“No business will thrive, and no investor will want to invest when you cannot challenge the government if anything goes wrong, and even if you go to court, you cannot get a fair judgment,” he said.

In his opening remarks, the Vice Chancellor of Godfrey Okoye University, Rev. Fr. Prof. Christian Anieke, highlighted the need for individuals like Justice Aniagolu in the judiciary to save Nigeria’s democracy.

He praised Justice Aniagolu as an incorruptible and fair judge, whose legacy should be celebrated and emulated.

“Nigeria needs uncorrupt judges to deliver the country,” Anieke stated. He also noted that Peter Obi was chosen to deliver the lecture due to the relevance of this year’s theme, underscoring the critical need for upholding judicial integrity in Nigeria.

Through this lecture, Obi called for a collective effort to reinforce the rule of law, which he believes is fundamental to building a better future for all Nigerians.

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