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The spiritual director of Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Rev. Fr. Dr. Ejike Mbaka has called for members of the National Assembly to receive the same N62,000 minimum wage proposed for other workers.

This statement comes in response to the Federal Government’s wage proposal following the strike declared by the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress.


In an interview with AIT, Mbaka expressed his belief that governors, senators, and members of the House of Representatives should earn the same minimum wage as ordinary Nigerians.

He expressed concerns about the growing disparity in earnings between elected officials and the general populace.

“We are pushing poor Nigerians to the brink of rebellion. That is my fear,” Mbaka said.

“If the government proposes N62,000 as the minimum wage for workers, why not apply the same to members of the House of Assembly, senators, and governors? They are all civil servants, so why should there be such a vast difference in their earnings compared to others?”

Mbaka faulted the excessive allowances received by lawmakers, which include sitting allowances, wardrobe allowances, newspaper allowances, and vehicle allowances.

He argued that such benefits should be redirected to the poor masses in the villages, highlighting the struggles of teachers, nurses, and doctors who are inadequately compensated despite their crucial roles in society.

“Our civil servants wake up early and work tirelessly throughout the week, yet their pay does not reflect their efforts, especially considering the current level of inflation in the country,” Mbaka stated.

He emphasized the need for realistic and fair wages for all civil servants to address the economic challenges faced by the average Nigerian.

Mbaka’s comments have sparked a debate on wage equality and the need for reforms in the remuneration of public office holders to better reflect the economic realities of the country.

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