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The Senate has announced that it will await the Supreme Court’s decision on the contentious issue of local government autonomy before taking further legislative action.

This was disclosed by the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Yemi Adaramodu, during an interview in Abuja.


Adaramodu stated that the upper chamber of the National Assembly is currently constrained and cannot present a formal opinion on the matter until the Supreme Court issues a ruling.

He recalled a period in Nigeria’s history when local governments operated with significant autonomy, but noted that perspectives and policies shifted over time.

The issue of local government autonomy has raised concerns regarding the revenue allocation formula and equity among local governments.

Adaramodu explained that various factors, including equality, land mass, and social indices, influence the distribution of funds to local governments.

These social indices consider the number of hospitals, dispensaries, primary schools, junior secondary schools, and the overall population.

“We are talking about distributing funds to local governments based on several indices,” Adaramodu said. “For example, the number of educational institutions and healthcare facilities in a local government area affects the allocation of funds. A local government with only one primary school cannot receive the same amount as one with 37 primary schools.”

Adaramodu emphasized that the Senate will refrain from further discussion on local government autonomy until the Supreme Court delivers its ruling.

“Once the Supreme Court rules, the National Assembly will determine the next steps based on the ruling,” he added.

The outcome of the Supreme Court decision will guide the Senate’s approach to addressing the legal framework surrounding local government autonomy in Nigeria.

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