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On the occasion of this year’s Democracy Day, the Enugu State chapter of the Young Progressives Party (YPP) has called on Governor Peter Mbah to ensure that the forthcoming local government elections in the state are conducted in a free, fair, and transparent manner.

In a statement released on Wednesday by the party’s state chairman, Engr. Tony Udeani, the YPP highlighted the importance of transparent electoral processes in deepening democratic values and fostering good governance.


The party stressed that credible local government elections are crucial for the development of grassroots democracy and the empowerment of local communities.

Engr. Udeani emphasized that conducting transparent elections would restore public confidence in the electoral system and ensure that the will of the people is genuinely reflected. He noted that past local government elections in the state had been marred by allegations of malpractice and urged the current administration to set a new standard.

“As we commemorate Democracy Day today, June 12th, it is an opportune moment for reflection, especially for the executive governor of Enugu State, on the profound significance of democracy.”

“While we recognize the efforts of various administrations in providing infrastructure, it is imperative to scrutinize the aspect of governance by the people. The process of electing our leaders in Nigeria has been fraught with significant irregularities.”

“The integrity of elections, whether overseen by INEC or conducted at the state level, has been dubious, thereby undermining the legitimacy of elected officials.”

“A paramount concern is the egregious performance of the Enugu State Independent Electoral Commission (ENSIEC) in conducting local government elections.”

“For the past 25 years, ENSIEC has failed to deliver free, fair, and credible local government elections. This persistent deficiency has disenfranchised the people of Enugu State from effectively participating in the democratic process at the grassroots level.”

“Local government, being the tier closest to the people, should exemplify transparency and fairness. Instead, we have repeatedly witnessed electoral malpractices, manipulation, and a blatant disregard for democratic norms.”

“The inability of ENSIEC to conduct credible elections fundamentally undermines the core principles of democracy. Compromised local government elections affect governance at all levels. The responsibility of the government extends beyond infrastructure provision to ensuring a transparent and inclusive democratic process.”

“Addressing these issues is imperative to fortify our democracy and restore public trust in the electoral system.”

“Authentic democracy necessitates transparent, fair, and credible elections that genuinely reflect the people’s will. Without this, the essence of a government of the people, by the people, is rendered meaningless. We must strive to restore and uphold the tenets of genuine democratic governance in Nigeria.”

The YPP also called on all political stakeholders, including security agencies, civil society organizations, and the media, to play their roles in safeguarding the electoral process.

“We must demand higher standards from our electoral bodies and ensure they are equipped and dedicated to conducting unbiased and unmanipulated elections.”

“Today, as we celebrate Democracy Day, let us all commit to the pursuit of a more democratic society where every vote is consequential, and every citizen’s voice is respected.”

“It is only through such unwavering commitment that we can realize the true essence of democracy and construct a nation where governance is genuinely for the people.”

“I call on all stakeholders, including the executive governor of Enugu State, civil society organizations, and the public, to unite in advocating for a reformed and credible electoral process. Let us embrace this Democracy Day as a solemn reminder of our collective duty to uphold democratic values and ensure that the will of the people is invariably mirrored in our governance.”

The party stressed the need for vigilance and active participation by citizens to ensure that the elections are free from violence, intimidation, and undue influence.

“We appeal to the people of Enugu State to actively engage in the electoral process, from registration to voting, and to report any irregularities they observe,” Engr. Udeani added. “A transparent and credible election is the foundation of a functional democracy, and it is our collective responsibility to make this a reality.”

The Enugu YPP reaffirmed its commitment to promoting democratic principles and urged all political parties to conduct their campaigns peacefully and responsibly.

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